Paard van Troje, Den Haag

November 27th, 2005

November 27, 2005 we played in the Paard van Troje at the Soundclash for the Grote Prijs van Nederland, with Phinx, Roosbeef, Rik van den Bosch. This is the photoreport.

It was really early: we got up at 7.00 – the soundcheck was at 10.00…

Raodie Jochem.

Cold in the car.

Really nice way to get your stuff out: drive the car in the venue…

… bring it upstairs to the stage with the elevator.

I was tought it would be fun if I would play some drums…

Soundcheck. Sander started the battle already, with the Phinx guitarist.

The dressing room. Where we get dressed. In the room.

Waiting, waiting…

.. waiting, waiting.

Sander climbing up the walls.

Finally, coffee!

Manasse (Grote Prijs) and Phinx.

Jochem and me.

Rossbeef! She eventually won the entire contest.

To the stage, over the pretty scary bridge.

Pretty scary, yes.

Round 1: two songs of my own.

Round 2: Backstreet Boys cover.

Listening to Phinx’s version of the Backstreet Boys song.

Round 3: The sounclash.

And back home, didn’t win anything but we were glad we survived.


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