How are you doing?

January 30th, 2007

Hey kids! Just a blahblahblog to check on you. How are you?

I’m doing fine. As you can see on my photo, I got my hair cut. I’m kinda still getting used to it but it rockssss! I feel completely reborn!

But let’s talk about music. I put up a new old song, it’s a short-but-sweet little angry song I recorded a few years ago. I know it’s pretty weird and maybe not that good, but I hope you enjoy it anyway.

What’s happening with IS? Well… I’m recording the last songs for my album. And I’m finishing school, which takes a lot of time. But there will be loads of new songs and new shows.

Actually, there are some new shows coming up. We’ll play live at 3FM February 27th for MoveYourAss. Aaaand… we’ll play on the Tweetakt festival on the Neude in Utrecht, in a house of glass! Wooo! And we’ll also play on the Cultural Sunday in March, somewhere outside in Utrecht. More info will follow, just keep checking the website and my MySpace!

Maybe you wonder… why don’t you just play everywhere all the time? Hm. Let me explain. Doing shows is great, but my favorite thing is recording songs. I’d rather play one show a month in a great venue with a nice audience than three shows in a weekend in shitty bars with people not listening and angry soundtechnicians.

IS started as a sideproject to get away from all the bandstuff. Stuff with money, rehearsals, logistics with shows, trouble with bandmembers… Just for fun! Right now IS has grown into a serious band with serious songs and serious ambitions, but the main goal is still: having lots and lots of fun! I wouldn’t want to see IS turn into the next boring band with all the obligations and blahblah a ‘real’ touring band has to deal with.

So yesss, I would love to come and play in your town soon, just wait and see! but I’m really taking care of the funfactor we still have with IS. Sander and Thomas are great friends and bandmates, and I’d like to keep it cosy! That’s why we only accept the shows that sound really, really awesome. Or really special, like the danceparty we played last year, that was quite an experience.

For me IS should be about fun and beautiful songs. I hope you’re with me!

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