Recording the guitars

July 10th, 2007

The recordings for my debut album are almost done! We need some more vocals and synths but all the guitars have been recorded this week. Sander did an amazing job playing nice arrangements that actually contributed to the vibe of the songs. Check out the pics!

There he is! We recorded five songs in one week in my bedroom, also known as the Rbbknl Studios.

The setup. We totally went for the noiserock-britpop-eurohouse-postpunk-sound. You know. We used Sanders H&K, Remco’s Marshall and Dirkjan’s H&K. And for mics: Shure SM57 and MXL 990.

The heroes of the week.

We recorded using Sander’s pc and Adobe Audition 1.5. I know, it’s kidssoftware, but I taught myself the entire recordingthing with it, so it was the easiest for now.

The sessions involved a lot of coffee, bacon&eggs and soup. Not all at once.

This guy can actually be heared on the album. Despite the lack of enthusiasm about it of certain band members.

Headphones. What else can I say? They do the job. For monitoring I used my Pioneer-speakers. Someone else is going to master the cd, in a real studio with fancypancy speakers.

Making a nice guitarsound goes together well with tea & honey.

Bass and synths were played by hand in Reason to get that live-feel.

Standing in the shoes of Sander…

Some songs just sound better when dressed up a little.

Energy drink may receive a thank you in our liner notes.

Just for inspiration.

The beats were made in Fruity Loops, with samples I actually drummed myself.

Jochem (Only Seven Left) came by to have listen and Sander took a well-deserved nap.

Sander’s magic green box.

And now the recordings have been transferred from Sander’s pc to my MacBook and I will mix the whole thing with Logic. And you will get to hear that… later this year!

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