Recording last recordings

July 29th, 2009


I guess it’s destined to be this way: I started recording this album in 2004 in my bed room at my parent’s house. I used to call that the Rbbknl Studios. And now I’m back there for two weeks to record the very last stuff for the same album, five years later.



Everything was done except for two things: some weird samples in ‘We Don’t Care About Reality’ and Hinne’s backing vocals in ‘I Love My Life’. Hinne’s voice has dramaticly changed the last few months and the time was right: it sounded great!


I’m here not only to record some music, but mostly to look after the cats and chickens. This here is Boris posing for the camera.


I built a little studio in my parent’s living room: my new Macbook Pro, KRK monitors, Firebox and a AKG C414 B microphone. And some books by Geert Mak, they work surprisingly well as speaker-stands.


After this recordings Arno Krabman will make a first mix, I will listen to it for some weeks and somewhere in August we’ll finish the cd. I’m not sure about the release yet, but making plans is fun. I’ll make sure you get to hear something soon though!


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