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Monday, June 8th, 2009

<a href="">Haha by Impossible Situations</a>

There it is! My new single ‘Haha’. It will be featured on my album later, but for now you can buy ‘Planet Heartbreak 3’. It contains songs by Only Seven Left, Sander van der Hoorn, Metro Mortale, Findel, Diesel Disko, Uncle Frankle and many more!

Some credits:
Music and lyrics by Bram de Wijs. Synths and guitars recorded at Palmstraat Studios by Bram de Wijs and Sander van der Hoorn. Vocals and drums recorded at Graveland Studio by Arno Krabman. Mixed and mastered by Arno Krabman. Guitar played by Sander van der Hoorn, bass played by Hinne Winterwerp.

Some lyrics…