Recording the bass

August 31st, 2008

Next on the list was the bass guitar! I really wanted to replace all the synth-basses with real ones, just to get that human feel.

So I asked my friend Hinne (Only Seven Left) to play bass on some of the tracks. I was very happy he said ‘yes!’ and so we practised a few times and he picked it up really fast and within no time we were ready to record! (click photos for large version)

Not only is Hinne a nice person with great hair, he is also is one of the best bass players I know, and he totally understands where I’m going with the songs and even comes up with stuff only bassplayers can come up with.

Obviously my songs are pretty simple, and so is the one you’re looking at right here: Cum. The problem with this song is, halfway it transposes from C to Cis which makes it absolutely impossible for ME to remember the chords. But Hinne had no trouble with it.

Hinne made up funny short titles for all the songs, like Subwaytje for ‘The Stockholm Subway’. This one may become the favorite song of the album for me, simply because it rocks so hard.

In my tiny home studio, which is still under construction.

Gotta have candy while recording. Preferably with lots of added sugar, flavourings and colors.

The Harry Potter poster has a story… I actually won it in an contest on the night of the release of the last book. I was the only contestant over 14 years old. I didn’t feel ashamed. At all.

Hinne actually gets away with my ridiculous keytar.

Even the 23 inches of monitor aren’t enough for me. I need bigger!! 1000″ at least!

My studio-room after a day of hard work. Hinne did a really nice job, the real bass makes the songs even more ‘alive’, with a genuine rough edge.

Next is the vocals and some acoustic guitar!

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