Recording acoustic guitar

September 12th, 2008

A few years ago Abel (NIRC, Try Drowning, Piranha Hotella) and I wrote some songs together: he wrote the music, I wrote the lyrics. One of those songs, ‘Don’t Know How To Say This’ meant a lot to me, because I wrote it about someone very special. So I decided I wanted the song on my album, and I asked Abel to play the acoustic guitar.

He came over to my humble home studio in Amersfoort and within a few takes we were all done. On the screen here: Guitar Rig, excellent software if you don’t have room for a real guitar amp. But in this case just used as a tuner…

I think the song will be somewhat to the end of the album, since it’s really quiet and sad. I’m very happy Abel could find the time to play guitar for me – one more step towards finishing the album.

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