Mixing, mixing, mixing…

September 15th, 2008

Everything is recorded, except for the vocals (kind of important, maybe I should write it down somewhere so we don’t forget…). So now were making the first mixes. Because it’s hard to sing nicely when all you’re thinking is “this mix sucks!”.

Sander is helping me out a lot with his technical knowledge and a good set of ears. It’s good thing we live in the same house, because I have to call him out of his room every ten seconds with some stupid question about Logic. After a few “Sandeeeer? Saaaandeeer!!” he then slowly walkes into my room, with some sarcastic smile/frown on his face and all he does is stare at my screen(s) for a while. Just long enough for me to discover my stupid mistake. Oops. Thanks. You can go back to bed now.

Mixing twelve songs isn’t cat piss, as we like to say in The Netherlands. After a long night your ears are too tired to hear the difference between a great impressive drumsound or a overproduced wall of noise and reverb.

Colors are the solution for me. Brown is for drums, red for beats, yellow for bass, blue for guitars, green for vocals and purple for synths. So I guess you can kind of figure out what this song sounds like. Rock. And. Roll. Baby.

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