Free Download: Unfaithful

April 13th, 2010

<a href="">Unfaithful by Impossible Situations</a>

In 2006 (wow, that’s a long time ago… back then I was like… 14??) I recorded this cover song by Rihanna. Somehow some people started asking for it the past few weeks, so I decided to put it back up for you to download! Go my Bandcamp and get it!

Music video ‘Haha’ at film festival

October 8th, 2009

The music video for my latest single ‘Haha’ was selected for the Amersfoort film festival SCENECS (no, I have no idea how to pronounce that). It will be shown at theatre De Kamers in Amersfoort Vathorst November 6th on a veeery large screen.

The ‘Haha’ video is part of a set of two, with Sander van der Hoorn‘s video for ‘The Other Side Of The Cage‘. Together they make an ode to the Soesterkwartier, the Amersfoort area I live in.

First show in years!

September 14th, 2009


Yesterday I did a secret acoustic show with my talented friends Sander van der Hoorn and Jelte Tuinstra. We performed songs by the three of us, so we also played some of mine: ‘Attention’ and ‘Haha’. It was fun, singing again after such a long time. We’ll be doing this again, sometime soon, and I’ll invite you all!

Good Charlotte hearts Impossible Situations

August 10th, 2009


I recently discovered the cover version of ‘Lifestyles Of The Rich And The Famous’ by Good Charlotte we played at radio 3FM was actually heard by Joel Madden, Good Charlotte’s singer! He Twittered about it, awesome huh.

Recording last recordings

July 29th, 2009


I guess it’s destined to be this way: I started recording this album in 2004 in my bed room at my parent’s house. I used to call that the Rbbknl Studios. And now I’m back there for two weeks to record the very last stuff for the same album, five years later.


Click for more photos…

Haha music video

June 20th, 2009


June 8th, 2009

<a href="">Haha by Impossible Situations</a>

There it is! My new single ‘Haha’. It will be featured on my album later, but for now you can buy ‘Planet Heartbreak 3’. It contains songs by Only Seven Left, Sander van der Hoorn, Metro Mortale, Findel, Diesel Disko, Uncle Frankle and many more!

Some credits:
Music and lyrics by Bram de Wijs. Synths and guitars recorded at Palmstraat Studios by Bram de Wijs and Sander van der Hoorn. Vocals and drums recorded at Graveland Studio by Arno Krabman. Mixed and mastered by Arno Krabman. Guitar played by Sander van der Hoorn, bass played by Hinne Winterwerp.

Some lyrics…


June 1st, 2009

Be sure to pick up your copy of Planet Heartbreak 3 this Saturday at Stuck In A Day Records!

Recording last drums and vocals…

May 3rd, 2009

Yesterday I recorded the last vocals and drums for the album with producer Arno. The song in the video is a brand new song called ‘Haha’. It will be featured on the new compilation cd from Stuck In A Day Records, which will be released June 6. The rest of the album will be mixed in June.

Right now I’m working on the concept for the artwork, and I have some very exciting news about the cover-photo. But I’ll keep that for later…

Recording more vocals…

March 19th, 2009

Today we went into the studio again to record some more vocals. Actually…  I’m almost done! After today only one more song and some extra drums and bass.

Jochem and Lucas paid a visit today to record some gang vocals in ‘The Internet’s For Porn’. I made this crappy video with my iPhone. It was fun, they did a great job.